My ShotTracker isn’t working.

  1. First things first, unpack the content of your ShotTracker package. Whats in the box?
  2. Both the net and wrist sensor need to be fully charged after you first receive your ShotTracker. Charging your sensors
  3. Make sure your wrist sensor is powered on. There should be a green LED on the wrist sensor blinking every 5 seconds. Make sure your net sensor is powered on too. There should be a green LED on the net sensor blinking every 5 seconds. If you have already attached your net sensor to your net, Need help powering on your sensors. Is my wrist sensor on?  Is my net sensor on?
  4. Are your devices paired with the app? If they are, they will double blink every 5 seconds. Need help pairing your sensors? Pair with your sensors 
  5. Double check that you have installed the net sensor the correct way. Setting up the net sensor
  6. Check that you have your wrist sensor inserted in your wristband or sleeve correctly and that you are wearing it in the proper orientation. Setting up the wrist sensor
  7. Have you trained your ShotTracker? If you have switched between your wrist band and sleeve, you may need to retrain again. Training your ShotTracker
  8. To start tracking shots, you need to select a workout or drill from the app. Workouts and drills can be found under Workouts in the ShotTracker App.
  9. How far away is your mobile device? We recommend your mobile device be within 50ft of you during workout.
  10. Still having troubles? Please contact us at
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